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We source our coffee from a local Cuban roaster Tampa, Florida. They roast the beans on Monday and we get them on Wednesday, so the coffee will always be fresh! Our coffee pairs well with our delicious plant based almond milk, cashew, and occasionally hemp :).

Made Coffee Nitro $3/$5


COLD BREW $3.50/$5.00


Cuban Espresso $1.50/$2.50

Cappucino $2.50

Latte $2.50/$4

Cacao Latte $2.50/$4


A relaxing drink from the South Pacific islands such as The Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Papa New Guinea . Traditionally used for ceremonial purposes to celebrate life, combat anxiety and stress, and simply to enjoy a cold beverage with friends.

BODY Kava $4 Single $7.50 Double Triple $11 Quad $15 Nalgene(32oz) $28

MIND Kava $4 Single $7.50 Double Triple $11 Quad $15 Nalgene(32oz) $28

50/50 Kava $4 Single $7.50 Double Triple $11 Quad $15 Nalgene(32oz) $28


A relaxing or stimulating tree leaf from Southeast Asia that may help with focus, minor aches and pains, and more. This leaf has been used for thousands of years by the native people of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia for a myriad of reasons.

Green Borneo $6 Single $11 Double

Red Maeng Da/Red Bali- $6 Single $11 Double

 White Maeng Da- $6 Single $11 Double


Stay Cool Carbonated CBD Kava Soda $5
Mexican Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite $2.25
Roots of the Sun Tea(Season Flavors) $3.50
Yerba Mate Cans $3.50
Yerba Mate Shots $4
Blue Lotus and Ashwaganda On Tap(Focus and Mild Aphrodisiac) $7/$12
Mango Pineapple Tea On Tap(Relaxing Red Tea used) $7/$12
Blood Orange Low Sugar Carbonated Tea on Tap(Yellow Energizing Tea) – $7/$12
Home Made Root Beer(Relaxing Red/Green Tea used) $7/$12


We have ton’s of delicious Gluten Free options in Largo for all to enjoy! Come on in and enjoy a hot coffee, a muffin, quiche, delicious vegan raspberry loaf,  and enjoy our space and free high speed wifi on our comfy couches. We are proud to serve Largo and Seminole’s needs for delicious coffee and treats.

Vegan Galaxy Bars – $5.75
Apple Strudel – $5
Meat Quiche(GF) – $5
Vegetarian Quiche(GF)- $5
Chocolate Chip Cookies – $2
Vegan Raspberry Loaf – $4
Pumpkin Sweet Loaf – $5